Behr vs Benjamin Moore Paint: Which Is Better?

Are you looking for the best paint brand for your upcoming project? If you’re not sure which paint you want to use yet, you’re probably comparing top industry names like Behr vs Benjamin Moore. Which paint is the better choice?

While Behr paints are typically more affordable, Benjamin Moore has many more color options, slightly better coverage and durability, and lasts a long time. However, both paint brands come in varying formulas. The best one for you depends on your project and needs.

In this article, we explain the key similarities and differences between the two popular paint brands. Keep reading to find the information you need and choose your ideal paint.

Behr vs Benjamin Moore Paint

Behr vs Benjamin Moore Paint: Key Points

Before we dive into the features, here’s a quick overview of the main differences between the two paints.

 BehrBenjamin Moore
DurabilityLasts 3-5 yearsLasts 10+ years
Colors1,000 options3,500 options
ConsistencyVery inconsistent resultsResults can be inconsistent, but rarely
AdhesionThick formula sometimes hinders adhesionExcellent
VOC LevelLowNone
Dry TimeFast dryingFast drying
CoverageMay require multiple coatsSuperior coverage in a single coat
Best forInteriorExterior

What is Behr Paint?

Behr PaintBehr paint is a popular choice found at Home Depot. However, the selection can be limited. Behr has three premier products, which provide varying features and colors. For example, the Premium Plus line has a wider selection of shades than the Marquee collection. Behr paints all come with a primer mixed in for added convenience as well.

The downside to using Behr paint is that you must apply multiple coats to cover the surface. That’s even the biggest difference between varying Behr paint, as the Marquee collection seems to require the most coats for adequate coverage.


  • A premium choice for DIYers
  • Lots of colors and unique formulas
  • Fade and stain resistance
  • Affordable
  • Quick dry time
  • Built-in primer
  • Low VOCs
  • Easy to clean


  • May need to repaint after 3-5 years
  • Thick formulas
  • Sometimes requires multiple coats
  • Inconsistent appearance and results
  • Only sold at Home Depot

What is Benjamin Moore Paint?

Benjamin Moore PaintBenjamin Moore is a paint brand that’s available at a wide range of home improvements and paint stores. The company offers three main types: flat, eggshell, and semi-gloss. All of the paints available are designed for both commercial and residential projects. Overall, they’re very durable, easy to spread, and dry quickly.

Another bonus to Benjamin Moore is that you can get more information and advice from experts in the store than from Behr because the paint is sold through owner-operated locations. They are typically more informed and helpful. However, the paint is pricey and they are less likely to provide deals.


  • A go-to for professional painters
  • Excellent fade and stain resistance
  • Easy to clean later
  • Resists splatter and drips
  • Superior coverage
  • Fast drying
  • Low VOCs and odor
  • Lasts 10+ years


  • Expensive
  • Inconsistent finishes

What’s the Difference Between Behr and Benjamin Moore Paint?

Difference Between Behr and Benjamin Moore Paint

Behr and Benjamin Moore, two big names in the paint industry, have a lot in common. Both brands provide interior and exterior options for nearly any scenario. They compare in nearly every way. However, the paints still differ. We break down the differences in-depth below.

Paint Offerings

Both paint brands provide a wide range of specialty offerings. You can find Behr and Benjamin Moore paints available in indoor, outdoor, and many other options. However, Benjamin Moore offers more commercial and specialty choices. Behr also provides water-based and low-cost choices, while Benjamin Moore’s selection is exclusively waterborne.

Behr paint is a top choice for DIYers because the brand sells unique primer and paint combinations, saving you time and money on your home improvement projects. The brand carries three main paint lines:

  • Premium Plus: Affordable paints with a low VOC level.
  • Ultra: The mid-range tier, these paints offer scuff and stain resistance features.
  • Marquee: A premium paint that provides stellar coverage.
  • Dynasty: The most expensive offering, dynasty offers the best coverage and defense against scuffs and stains.

Benjamin Moore is the paint many professionals go with. But the brand’s selection varies more. There are dozens of Benjamin Moore paints for indoor and specialty use. Overall, this brand has many more options available based on a specific job. These features make it a go-to for commercial projects or challenging surfaces such as metal or faux finishes.


Both paints provide similar performance when it comes to durability. You can expect them to produce beautiful results even in high-traffic areas of the home. The interior formulas can even handle heavy cleaning without degrading the paint.

Benjamin Moore paints create a tight film as they dry, leaving no room for stains or dirt to get in and wreak havoc. Their exterior formulas are also made for longevity. Some users have said using Behr has required them to recoat walls after about three to five years, while Benjamin Moore paint lasts on walls for over ten years or more.


Just as both brands offer many paint offerings, they also have tons of colors to choose from. Behr has more than 1,000 options, while Benjamin Moore offers over 3,500 colors. The best part is that these paint companies also offer online support to aid you in selecting the perfect paint for your project.

When choosing a color, you can use the online tools provided by both companies to find the right shade. For example, Behr’s color studio allows for browsing. You can even virtually paint a room to get an idea of what the result will look like from either brand. Although some of the colors may appear similar, select the color you want after choosing a brand for the best results.

VOC Levels

Both paint brands have low volatile organic compounds or VOCs, which are common paint toxins that can cause environmental problems and health issues. Most of the top names in the industry have low or no VOCs. High VOC levels can make a paint difficult to spread or require more layers.

In comparison, Benjamin Moore tends to have fewer VOCs. Behr paint uses low-VOC colorants, while Benjamin Moore utilizes a tint completely free of VOCs.


Benjamin moore vs behr

You’re more likely to need more paint coats with Behr than Benjamin Moore. Although Behr has a primer built-in, the paint can be thick and difficult to spread. It often requires at least two or more coats to produce an acceptable finish. Even though the paint is also more affordable, the multiple paint coats could quickly increase the price of your project as well.

Some people also complain about the adhesion with Behr paints, which can add to the inconsistent results. Poor adhesion and thick formulas can lead to further issues if you apply too many coats.


Benjamin Moore paints are a favorite of industry professionals, but that doesn’t mean you need painting expertise to use the paint. Both options are fantastic for any skill level. However, if you find yourself needing to consult the help of an expert more during your projects, the experts at Benjamin Moore tend to have more knowledge to guide you through the options.

Drying Time

While both paints have an extremely fast dry time, you may find that Benjamin Moore paints dry quicker due to the single coat and thinner formula. However, some users claim that the thin paint also produces even drying results. That said, both paints are considered fast drying.


Both paints have stellar coverage, but Benjamin Moore is superior. The more expensive Behr lines provide better coverage. Although, by comparison, Benjamin Moore has unique formulas that refuse to allow stains, dirt, mildew, or moisture to get into the tight film. Some Behr paints are thick as well, producing coverage problems.

Ease of Use

Using both paint brands is relatively straightforward. Some people say that Benjamin Moore is more likely to go on smoothly while working with a thick paint like Behr Marquee could be challenging to apply. Some easy to apply Benjamin Moore formulas include Adanvce Interior, Regal Select, and Aura Grand Entrance.

On the other hand, Behr paints often come as a combination of paint and primer in one. This could make your project much simpler. Behr Premium Plus paints are especially easy to apply, while the Ultra line is easy to clean.

Best for

Experts say the best paint depends on your project, and both brands offer a wide range of selections for just about any need. However, Benjamin Moore paints typically hold up better for exterior projects than Behr. The single coat allows you to complete exterior projects quickly and easily, which is perfect if you don’t want to hang out on a ladder all day.


So how much do the paints cost? Is one brand cheaper than the other? Cost can be a selling point, especially when you’re considering high-end paints.

In general, Benjamin Moore is pricier than Behr. Behr products are designed around low prices, while Benjamin Moore sometimes costs twice as much because it’s worth the price. How much you’re willing to pay depends on your project. For example, homeowners who don’t mind repainting in a few years would save by going with Behr and skipping the special formulas.

That said, the cost varies based on the line and finish as well. For example, Behr’s Marquee line costs more than the Premium Plus paints. Any paint with a glossy finish is also typically more expensive than matte or flat finishes.

Where To Buy

One of the biggest differences between the two paints is where to buy them. You can purchase Benjamin Moore paints in their stores, at ACE Hardware, or in many other independent hardware stores near you. However, Behr is only sold at Home Depot. Both brands have store locators on their websites that you can use to find a location nearby.

Benjamin Moore to Behr Paint Conversion

Benjamin Moore to Behr Paint Conversion

If you have a certain paint brand already on your walls and want to switch to a new brand, you can use paint color matching to help you find the right shade between brands. For example, let’s say you have Benjamin Moore paint on your wall and you need to retouch the room, but you don’t want to spend as much money when you only need a small amount of paint.

Luckily, Home Depot can help you match Behr shades to Benjamin Moore. Behr has incorporated most of the same popular colors as Benjamin Moore. This helps you attain the same color in a high-quality paint for around half the price.

You can also take a Behr color swatch with you to a Benjamin Moore store and ask them to match the color. Actually, you don’t even need the swatch. As long as you have the color name, the paint desk experts should be able to help you find an equivalent that closely matches.

However, many people say the results are never going to be exact. Matching colors across brands is extremely tricky because the bases often vary. Different formulas may also produce varying results.

Is Behr Paint Good for Exterior?

Is Behr Paint Good for Exterior

Behr does offer some top-ranking exterior paints. They still come with the primer included in one, and the formulas typically withstand fading, cracking, mold, and mildew, making them excellent for a wide range of surfaces. The paint also comes with a lifetime warranty.

However, Benjamin Moore has some of the best exterior paints you can buy. The only reason Benjamin Moore is better for exterior uses is the quality and value. You can produce beautiful results, without spending big bucks on the more expensive brands in the market. Plus, the paint lasts longer.

Does Lowes Sell Behr Paint?

No, Lowes does not sell Behr paint as of 2022. You can only find Behr at Home Depot, where they have been an in-house brand since 1978. However, Lowes does offer some similar brands.

Benjamin Moore vs. Behr vs. Sherwin Williams

Experts and fans of Benjamin Moore claim that Behr isn’t in the same category because it’s made for homeowners who don’t mind repainting in a few years. Others say that Behr is just as good; the longevity and price are the only main differences, regardless of the formula. Overall, most people love the price but hate using Behr paint.

Comparing Benjamin Moore to Sherwin Williams is a more direct comparison because the brands are similar in performance. While Benjamin Moore offers many more colors, and they’re stunning, some people find themselves overwhelmed by too many options. Sherwin Williams leaves something to be desired when it comes to the color offering.

If price and color are the deciding factors for you, Benjamin Moore paint is the way to go. The colors are gorgeous. You can even find deals on the paint throughout the year.

Sherwin Williams even out-ranks Behr. Behr and Benjamin Moore offer better and more colors than Sherwin Williams, but applying the paint is not as easy. People claim that Sherwin Williams paint looks smoother and produces a better finish than Behr.

Best Behr and Benjamin Moore Paints

With so many Behr and Benjamin Moore options on the market, how do you know which one to buy? What are the best paint options? Here are our top picks.

Behr Premium Plus Interior Paint and Primer in One

BEHR Premium Plus 1 gal. Ultra Pure White Semi-Gloss Enamel Zero VOC Interior Paint and Primer in OneBehr Premium Plus is an interior paint with the primer already built-in. This option is an acrylic enamel with zero VOC levels, low odor, and a semi-gloss finish. It’s a long-lasting and highly durable option. The best part is that you can use it for a wide range of interior uses, and the paint is super affordable.

Applying Behr Premium Plus paint is easy. The coverage is decent and lasts a long time. Many people say it’s great for ceilings or laundry rooms due to the mildew, fade, and stain-resistant formula. You can expect this paint to help keep damp rooms of your home from affecting the paint job over time, and the paint is highly praised for thoroughly hiding any imperfections.

Benjamin Moore Regal Select Interior Paint

Benjamin Moore’s Regal Select is unique in that it was made to provide easy cleaning. A top and trusted name in the industry for over 50 years, Benjamin Moore has many offerings. The flat finish provides excellent coverage for a uniform finish on ceilings or moderately trafficked areas. The paint goes on smoothly and applying it is easy because the formula is spatter resistant.

Like Behr, this option also has paint and primer in one. The bonus to this paint, however, is that it also comes with mildew resistance and the ability to hide any imperfections for a long-lasting, beautiful finish each time. Plus, it’s excellent for multiple uses around your home.

How to Choose Between Benjamin Moore and Behr

To choose between Benjamin Moore and Behr for your next paint job, consider your project. The paint you purchase should always suit your needs.

For the best results, go with Behr for indoor utility applications or re-applying paint on walls if you don’t mind repainting in a few years. Select Benjamin Moore if you have an exterior project, such as deck applications or a high traffic area of your home.

On the other hand, if you’re a beginner, you may want to choose Benjamin Moore. The experts working in their stores make the process of finding the right paint a breeze. Plus, the application step is much quicker with Benjamin Moore. But you need to purchase a primer, so if ease of use, time, and budget is more important to you, go with Behr.

Is Benjamin Moore Paint Better Than Behr?

Although Benjamin Moore is marketed to professionals, the paint itself is not inherently better or of higher quality. Behr is on par with Benjamin Moore in most regards, and it’s available at a much more affordable value. Both of these premium paint brands are impressive and accessible. However, the best paint depends on your project.

Which paint brand do you think is better? Share your preference in the comments to let us know, and if you enjoyed reading this article, share it with your friends.