Who Carries Benjamin Moore Paint?

Picking the perfect Benjamin Moore paint for an upcoming project is exciting. The only issue is – even if you know the exact paint line, finish, and color you want – you now have to find a place to buy it. Since not all retailers that carry paint offer the same brands, the first question on your mind is often, “Who carried Benjamin Moore paint?”

A wide variety of retailers sells Benjamin Moore paint. Ace Hardware is a larger retailer offering multiple Benjamin Moore paint lines. A broad selection of independent hardware and paint stores carry it as well. You also have the option of buying it online.

While Benjamin Moore paint isn’t in some of the home improvement stores you’d expect, it’s still widely available. Here’s a look at who carries Benjamin Moore paint.

Who Carries Benjamin Moore Paint

Who Carries Benjamin Moore Paint?

If you’re trying to figure out who carries Benjamin Moore paint so that you can make a purchase, turning to your local Ace Hardware is potentially your best bet. Ace Hardware stores are commonly authorized retailers, and even the smaller Ace Hardware stores usually carry at least one or two paint lines, if not more.

A wide range of independent paint and hardware stores also carry Benjamin Moore paint. This includes retailers with only a single location or some that are small, regional chains.

In smaller towns, there are even instances where a Benjamin Moore paint line or two is available at independent grocers; however, this is relatively rare.

Where to Find Benjamin Moore Paint Near Me?

Benjamin Moore Paint Near Me

If you need to find Benjamin Moore paint near me, a few approaches work well. First, you can find an Ace Hardware in your area. Ace Hardware is a large retailer with over 5,000 locations worldwide, making it an easy place to begin your search.

Otherwise, you can use online resources to find a store that carries Benjamin Moore paint. Usually, the simplest way is to use the Benjamin Moore Store Locator on the company’s website. However, you could also Google locations to learn more about retailers in your area that sell Benjamin Moore paint.

Using the Benjamin Moore Store Locator

The Benjamin Moore Store Locator is a simple tool that gives you a list of Benjamin Moore authorized sellers in a specific area. As a result, it’s one of the simplest ways to find a store that carries Benjamin Moore paint in your area. Here’s how to use it.

Enter a Location

The first step you need to take when using the Benjamin Moore Store Locator is to enter a location. Several options are available to take care of this part of the search.

First, you can enter your street address, allowing you to center the search area on your home. This is potentially a better choice for sprawling metro regions than simply searching by city and state. You’ll know which store is physically closest to you, giving you the shortest path to a suitable retailer.

Second, you can search by city and state, which works well in a smaller city or town. Third, you can search by zip code, which is slightly more refined than using the city and state if you’re in a city with multiple zip codes.

For international shoppers, inputting your country could be enough. However, whether that’s the case depends on the size of the nation.

Finally, you have the option to “Use My Current Location.” With that, the site gathers location data from your device, centering the results on where you are right at the time of your search.

Choose Any Filters [Optional]

The Benjamin Moore Store Locator has a handful of filters available. You can narrow down the list of results by Retailer Type. Authorized Plus stores typically offer more of the Benjamin Moore paint lines, while Authorized retailers usually carry a few paint lines. Specialty stores focus on the differentiated paint lines used for industrial and specialty coating and paint needs.

Technically, using any filters is optional. This step isn’t always necessary if you’re looking for one of the more popular Benjamin Moore paint lines, such as Ben or Regal Select. However, if you’re looking for a paint line that isn’t as widely used, consider limiting the results to Authorized Plus retailers.

Select a Search Radius

The default search radius on the Benjamin Moore Store Locator is 25 miles, which is sufficient in many cases. However, you can broaden the search to up to 100 miles, which is beneficial if you’re in a small-town, rural area with fewer hardware stores available.

Launch the Search

After you handle the steps above, you can click the magnifying glass icon next to the location search bar to launch the search. It only takes a second to produce results, and you’ll see the list of local authorized retailers below the search radius drop-down.

Review Store Details

When you have the list populated, you can begin reviewing the store details. On the main list, retailers are color-coded based on their Retailer Type.

Authorized Plus stores have a red paint can next to their names, while Authorized retailers have blue paint icons. Specialty paint line carriers are marked with a yellow paint can.

Within the results, you may see boxes containing extra information about the retailer’s Benjamin Moore paint lines. Usually, this is common if a store only has one or two options available, letting you know upfront about the selection.

If you want additional details about any retailer, click on its name. Once the page loads, you’ll see a map marking its location. You can also get the physical address and the retailer’s phone number.

The store page also lists featured Benjamin Moore products, showing the paint lines available. There may also be operating hours information for the store, though this isn’t always the case.

Google Locations

Another way to find out who carries Benjamin Moore paint in your area is to perform a quick Google search. You can simply enter “Benjamin Moore paint near me” and run the search.

Once you do, scroll past the ad results to the Locations section on the page. There, you’ll see some stores nearby that carry Benjamin Moore paint, and you can click “More Locations” to see others.

If you continue scrolling down, you’ll see other listings. There might be a link to the Benjamin Moore Store Locator, followed by results from the Benjamin Moore site based on your location.

Usually, those two Google search results sections are enough to get you headed in the right direction.

Can You Buy Benjamin Moore Paint at Walmart?


Walmart is not an authorized retailer of Benjamin Moore branded paint lines. You can potentially purchase INSL-X paint – a specialty line produced by Benjamin Moore – through Walmart online, though those are typically sold by third-party retailers through the Walmart site. As a result, Benjamin Moore paint of any kind isn’t available through Walmart directly.

However, Walmart does carry some other paint brands. For example, you can buy paints by Glidden, Kilz, Rust-Oleum, Better Homes & Garden, and others, either in-store or online directly through the retailer.

Does Home Depot Carry Benjamin Moore Paint?

Can You Return Paint to Home Depot

Home Depot doesn’t carry Benjamin Moore paint. The company isn’t an authorized retailer for the brand, but it does sell a wide array of other paints.

At Home Depot, you can find Behr, Glidden, and Rust-Oleum, for example. Usually, Home Depot will carry a wide variety of paint lines from any brand it sells, though it may not have all of the options in every store.

You can also purchase paint from Home Depot online. This option is best if the retailer carries your preferred paint line, but that product isn’t available at a store in your area.

Can You Get Benjamin Moore Paint at Amazon?

Amazon isn’t an authorized retailer of Benjamin Moore paint, so you can’t get it directly through Amazon. Some third-party sellers on the platform may offer Benjamin Moore paint through the site, though this isn’t necessarily common.

Additionally, through third-party sellers, the price for any Benjamin Moore paint may be higher than you’d expect. Custom tinting is also unavailable from most third-party sellers, and some only sell large quantities. As a result, this approach may not work for anyone who has a smaller paint project or is looking for a specific shade.

Does Ace Hardware Sell Benjamin Moore Paint?

Benjamin Moore RegalAce Hardware is an authorized Benjamin Moore paint retailer, so essentially all of the locations carry at least a couple of Benjamin Moore paint lines. Those with a limited selection typically offer Ben, Regal Select, or both. Those two paint lines are some of the most popular and meet most homeowners’ needs.

If you’re not seeing your preferred paint line available at your local store, you can shop online to find the product you want. Then, you can see what nearby stores carry precisely what you want.

You also have the option of selecting the product you want – including choosing the color – and buying it online. With that, you’ll see what local stores can meet that need, allowing you to arrange a pickup or set up a delivery from that store to your home.

Does Menards Carry Benjamin Moore Paint?

Does Menards Carry Benjamin Moore

Menards does not carry Benjamin Moore paint, as the store isn’t an authorized retailer of the Benjamin Moore brand. However, Menards does have a wide variety of other paint brands available.

At Menards, you can find Dutch Boy, Pittsburgh Paints & Stains, Rust-Oleum, and Zinsser, for example. Which products are available locally can vary, but some of the products are available for shipping to your home, or you can use the ship-to-store option.

Can You Buy Benjamin Moore Paint Online?

You can buy Benjamin Moore paint online, but whether you can get it shipped directly to your home varies.

Through the Benjamin Moore and Ace Hardware sites, many online orders for paint are only available for pickup in-store. Selecting a paint line, sheen, size, quantity, and color lets you see which retailers in your area can support your purchase. Then, once you place your order, you’re notified when your paint is ready for retrieval.

The main reason that store pickup is typically what’s offered is that paint is a hazardous material in the eyes of shippers. As a result, interior and exterior paint in larger sizes – typically one gallon and up – aren’t transported through the mail.

However, some Benjamin Moore paint retailers may also offer home delivery from the store. While this option isn’t available through every authorized retailer and can come at a cost, it’s worth considering if pickup isn’t convenient.

Does Lowe’s Sell Benjamin Moore Paint?

Does Lowes Sell Benjamin Moore

Lowe’s is not an authorized Benjamin Moore paint retailer, so it doesn’t carry the brand. However, as a major hardware store, it does sell many others.

For example, you can get HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams, Valspar, Krylon, Dunn’s, Zinsser, and Rust-Oleum at Lowe’s, among others. You can also arrange for store pickup or delivery if you order online.

Which Benjamin Moore Paint Lines Are Best?

Benjamin Moore Aura is the company’s highest-end paint, so many consider it the best. Benjamin Moore Regal Select also performs admirably, and it’s slightly less expensive, making it a solid alternative.

However, while Benjamin Moore Ben is one of the lower-cost options, it still outperforms many low-cost brands. As a result, it could be a reasonable choice for budget-conscious shoppers who aren’t as concerned about long-term durability or whether the paint is scrubbable.

Does Benjamin Moore Paint Have 5-Gallon Buckets?

Many Benjamin Moore paint lines and finishes are available in five-gallon buckets. If you’re doing a large paint project that could require that much paint, going with a five-gallon bucket does come with benefits.

One of the biggest reasons to go with a five-gallon bucket is consistency. Even if you get several one-gallon cans in the same shade, there can be slight variations in the hue from one can to the next. Often, that means you need to mix the gallons to ensure evenness.

Going with a five-gallon bucket means you won’t have to worry about mixing the paint together in most cases. The only exception is if you require more than five gallons to finish a single area, such as one room.

In some cases, opting for a five-gallon bucket is more cost-effective. Usually, the per-gallon cost is lower if you choose a five-gallon bucket than if you go with five one-gallon paint cans. However, this isn’t universally true, so it’s best to compare the per-gallon price to confirm before making a purchase.

How Much Does a Gallon of Benjamin Moore Paint Cost?

How much a gallon of Benjamin Moore costs varies depending on the paint line, finish, and your location. The broader range is usually from $25 to $100 per gallon.

In many cases, the lowest cost option is Benjamin Moore Ben interior paint in a flat finish. On the upper end is Benjamin Moore Aura, particularly in the glossier finishes. Benjamin Moore Regal Select falls in the mid- to upper-end of the range.

Does Sherwin-Williams Carry Benjamin Moore Paint?

Sherwin-Williams retail paint stores do not carry Benjamin Moore paint. Sherwin-Williams stores are operated by the Sherwin-Williams brand directly. Since Benjamin Moore is a competing brand, they don’t offer the paint.

What’s the Easiest Way to Buy Benjamin Moore Paint?

For most people, the easiest way to buy Benjamin Moore paint is to go to the nearest authorized retailer that carries your preferred paint line. Typically, that includes Ace Hardware locations and some independent hardware stores. However, you could potentially shop online and have it delivered from your nearest store, although this isn’t always an option.

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