Benjamin Moore Aura vs Regal: What Is the Difference?

Picture this: you’re preparing for an upcoming paint project and are confident that Benjamin Moore is your perfect paint brand. Then, you get to the store, only to find two paint lines that might work: Benjamin Moore Aura and Benjamin Moore Regal. At that moment, all you can ask yourself is, “What’s the difference between Benjamin Moore Aura vs. Regal, and which one is the best choice?”

Overall, Benjamin Moore Aura and Regal are high-quality paints adored by paint professionals and DIYers alike. However, Aura offers more durability and better coverage in a single coat, while Regal is less expensive and can handle more square footage on average.

However, the two options stand apart in other ways, so which one is best depends on your unique needs and preferences.

Benjamin Moore Aura vs Regal

Benjamin Moore Aura vs. Regal: Key Points

In many cases, the first difference you’ll notice when you compare Benjamin Moore Aura vs. Regal is the price. However, that doesn’t necessarily help you figure out which one is genuinely best for your project. Instead, you need to look beyond the cost, focusing more on the unique features each one brings to the table.

As with any paint line, Benjamin Moore Aura and Benjamin Moore Regal have unique benefits and drawbacks. However, since they’re from the same manufacturer, there are also plenty of similarities.

With that in mind, here’s a look at the key points you’ll want to consider when you compare Benjamin Moore Aura vs. Regal.

 Benjamin Moore AuraBenjamin Moore Regal
UseInterior and exterior versionsInterior and exterior versions
Color Options3,500+ (plus 240 exclusive hues)3,500+
Drying TimesReady for a second coat in 1 hourReady for a second coat in 1 to 2 hours
Coverage350 to 400 sq. ft.400 to 450 sq. ft.
VOC LevelsZero-VOC – less than 5 g/lLow-VOC – less than 50 g/l
ThicknessVery thickModerate thickness
Number of Coats22
Available FinishesInterior: Matte, Eggshell, Stain, Semi-gloss
Exterior: Flat, Low Luster, Satin, Semi-gloss
Interior: Flat, Matte, Eggshell, Pearl, Semi-gloss
Exterior: Flat, Low Luster, Soft Gloss
Stain BlockingYesYes
Scuff ResistanceYesNo
Mold ResistanceYesYes
Ease of ApplicationModerateEasy
Covers DiscolorationExceptionalGreat

What’s the Difference Between Benjamin Moore Aura and Regal?

Difference Between Benjamin Moore Aura and Regal

While the chart above can help you see some differences between Benjamin Moore Aura vs. Regal paint, it’s a quick overview. Before purchasing paint for your project, it’s wise to take a closer look at each key point above.

By doing so, you can learn more about how the two paints stand apart and what they have in common. As a result, it may be easier to select the right option for your project.

Here’s an in-depth look at Benjamin Moore Aura vs. Regal paint.


Benjamin Moore AuraBenjamin Moore Aura and Benjamin Moore Regal come in interior and exterior versions, so you can use them for similar purposes.

When you choose the specific paint for your project, you do need to make sure that you select the proper variant. For painting siding or similar exterior surfaces, use the exterior versions. For walls inside your home, stick with the interior.


Benjamin Moore Aura and Benjamin Moore Regal have a primer built into the formula. Since that’s the case, you may not need to use a separate primer to get the result you’re after.

However, even if you don’t use a separate primer, you may need to handle some preparation. For example, it’s usually best to wash the surface before you paint to remove dust and dirt. Additionally, if the existing finish is glossy, you may want to sand it for better adhesion.

Plus, there are situations where using a primer may still be a wise move. Since Benjamin Moore Aura and Benjamin Moore Regal are water-based paints, using a bonding primer is a must if you paint over oil-based paint, stained wood, or challenging surfaces like metal or plastic. Otherwise, there could be adhesion issues.

Using a separate primer is also a better choice if you’re painting over raw wood. Without primer, the paint may soak into the wood. Plus, going without a primer could lead to unevenness or other problems if the wood has higher tannin levels.

When you paint over dark or bright colors with a lighter shade, it’s also smart to use a separate primer. Otherwise, the result could be uneven or may require more coats to get a uniform look. Applying a coat or two of primer first is often better in this case, and it lets you use fewer coats of paint, potentially reducing the overall price.

Color Options

Benjamin Moore RegalOne nice thing about choosing between Benjamin Moore Aura and Benjamin Moore Regal is that both are mainly available in the same colors. Typically, the hues associated with a paint brand can be used across every paint line designed for the same purpose, such as interior use.

In total, more than 3,500 color options are available from Benjamin Moore. Plus, the company offers 75 unique color palettes, making it easier to coordinate shades if you need several hues for a paint project.

Additionally, Benjamin Moore Aura and Regal both feature Gennex Color Technology, a proprietary formula designed by Benjamin Moore to improve color intensity and brightness. As a result, both paints look very similar if you choose the same color and sheen in each of the paint lines.

However, Benjamin Moore Aura also comes with color-lock technology. That can make certain colors seem stronger, deeper, or more vibrant if you choose Benjamin Moore Aura over Benjamin Moore Regal. Plus, the color is typically longer lasting, which is beneficial.

You can also access 240 colors if you choose the Benjamin Moore Aura interior paint line. Referred to as Color Stories, these hues are unique, multi-pigment formulas that aren’t available through any other Benjamin Moore paint line, including Benjamin Moore Regal.

Drying Times

If you’re concerned about drying times, Benjamin Moore Aura and Benjamin Moore Regal are relatively similar. Usually, Benjamin Moore Aura is ready for a second coat in about one hour, while Benjamin Moore Regal may need one to two hours.

However, certain factors can impact drying times. For example, cooler, humid environments can increase the drying time, while hotter, drier areas may dry more quickly. As a result, you need to consider the ambient conditions to determine how long you should wait between coats.


When it comes to coverage, both Benjamin Moore Aura and Benjamin Moore Regal are top performers, but there is a slight difference in the amount of square footage.

Benjamin Moore Regal typically covers 400 to 450 sq. ft. per gallon can. With Benjamin Moore Aura, a gallon will usually handle 350 to 400 sq. ft. With both products, two coats is generally recommended.

While that difference is notable, it’s important to note that Benjamin Moore Aura often matches or outperforms many competitors. Benjamin Moore Regal goes a bit further, mainly because it’s a thinner paint.

However, Benjamin Moore Aura usually does a better job overall when it comes to covering darker or brighter colors and discoloration. Primarily, this is because Benjamin Moore Aura has more volume solids than Benjamin Moore Regal.

When there are more volume solids, it leads to stronger pigment application. That means you may need fewer coats to deal with covering challenging shades or discoloration by using Benjamin Moore Aura.

However, if you’re painting over an existing paint with a similar color and there aren’t discoloration issues, both Benjamin Moore Aura and Benjamin Moore Regal perform similarly. The same is often true if you use a separate primer before you paint.

VOC Levels

Overall, Benjamin Moore has been diligent about removing volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from its paint lines. Recent evidence shows that they’re potentially harmful and may even be classified as carcinogens. For those sensitive to chemicals or who want to make a healthier choice, sticking with zero- or low-VOC paints is essential.

If you’re specifically looking for zero-VOC paint, then you’ll want to go with Benjamin Moore Aura. It has less than 5 grams per liter (g/l), which qualifies it as a zero-VOC paint.

Benjamin Moore Regal, on the other hand, is a low-VOC paint. It typically contains around 47.9 g/l, which is under the 50 g/l cutoff. While that’s undeniably not a high-VOC product, it is still more than what you get if you choose Benjamin Moore Aura paint instead.


When it comes to the thickness of the paint, neither Benjamin Moore Aura nor Benjamin Moore Regal is considered thin. However, since Benjamin Moore Aura has more volume solids, it’s noticeably thicker than Benjamin Moore Regal.

The difference in thickness is partially why Benjamin Moore Aura often covers less square footage than Benjamin Moore Regal. Additionally, the higher thickness makes Benjamin Moore Aura better at tackling discoloration and painting over challenging colors.

Number of Coats

Two coats are recommended for Benjamin Moore Aura and Benjamin Moore Regal. That ensures complete coverage and an even finish, leading to a better final look.

However, in some cases, Benjamin Moore Aura may work as a one-coat paint. It has a higher amount of volume solids. As a result, a single coat might be enough, particularly if you’re repainting a wall with a similar hue.

Available Finishes

Both Benjamin Moore Aura and Benjamin Moore Regal come in several finishes. However, the options aren’t the same when you look at the two paint lines.

For interior paints, Benjamin Moore Aura comes in matte, satin, eggshell, and semi-gloss. With Benjamin Moore Regal, you can choose from flat, matte, eggshell, pearl, and semi-gloss.

With exterior paint, Benjamin Moore Aura is available in flat, low luster, satin, and semi-gloss. However, Benjamin Moore Regal only comes in flat, low luster, and soft gloss.

Ultimately, whether one paint line is better than another in this department depends on the amount of shine you’re after. As a result, you’ll need to let personal preference be your guide.

Stain Blocking

If you compare Benjamin Moore Aura vs. Regal and are concerned about stain-blocking, you’ll be happy to know that both paints are adept in this area. Each paint line includes stain-blocking technologies, preventing discoloration when exposed to materials that may otherwise leave a stain.

Scuff Resistance

As for scuff resistance, it’s a listed feature with Benjamin Moore Aura. The surface is durable and resists most types of scuffs, allowing your walls to look cleaner for longer.

Plus, with the high volume solids and color-locking technology in Benjamin Moore Aura paint, most marks won’t stick around after a proper cleaning. A soft cloth and soapy water are often enough to handle any scuffs, should they occur.

While Benjamin Moore Regal is also a durable paint, the manufacturer doesn’t specifically list scuff resistance as a benefit. As a result, marks may occur more often if you choose this paint line.

Mold Resistance

Both Benjamin Moore Aura and Regal interior paints are mold and mildew-resistant. As a result, they can work well in humid rooms, such as bathrooms. The exterior paint lines also feature mold and mildew resistance, which can keep the paint looking good longer, even if you live in a damp climate.


Both Benjamin Moore Aura and Benjamin Moore Regal are low-maintenance paints. Along with being very durable, you can typically clean them with a gentler cleaner, like some ammonia and bleach-free dish soap in some water.

Ideally, you want to use a soft cloth when cleaning a painted surface. In many cases, a clean microfiber cloth is a solid choice. Along with being absorbent, it’s gentle, ensuring you don’t scratch the paint by mistake.

Ease of Application

Generally speaking, Benjamin Moore Regal is the easier paint to apply overall. It has splatter resistance that you don’t get with the Aura paint line. Plus, it’s a bit thinner, making it less prone to certain drips or unevenness.

However, for a thicker paint, Benjamin Moore Aura isn’t necessarily hard to use. As long as you are mindful as you work, ensuring you don’t overload a brush or roller, then you typically won’t experience significant issues.

Ultimately, if drips or unevenness are a concern, you can apply either type of paint using a sprayer instead. Often, it’s easier to get a level coat of suitable thickness without some of the drip or streak risks that can come with using a brush or roller alone.

Covers Discoloration

Both Benjamin Moore Aura and Benjamin Moore Regal can cover discoloration. However, Benjamin Moore Aura does a better job in this department with more volume solids and a thicker consistency. It applies more pigment to a specific area, increasing the odds that the final look is even regardless of whether the underlying surface is discolored.


The price difference between Benjamin Moore Aura and Benjamin Moore Regal is significant. Overall, Benjamin Moore Aura can run 30 percent more per gallon, depending on the finish, store, and your location. As a result, using Benjamin Moore Aura means your project could cost far more, especially if you need multiple gallons.

Where to Buy Benjamin Moore Aura

Benjamin Moore is a popular paint brand, and there’s no exclusivity deal looking into a single retailer. However, Benjamin Moore Aura paint isn’t as widely available as you expect.

Many Ace Hardware locations carry the Aura paint line. Additionally, smaller, independent hardware stores may have it as well. But you won’t find Benjamin Moore Aura paint at major home improvement stores – such as Home Depot or Lowe’s – as the companies are no longer retail partners for the brand.

Where to Buy Benjamin Moore Regal

As with the Aura paint line, you won’t find Benjamin Moore Regal paint at Lowe’s or Home Depot. Instead, you’ll usually need to head to either Ace Hardware or an independent hardware store partnered with Benjamin Moore.

Which Paint is Better, Benjamin Moore Aura or Regal?

Overall, Benjamin Moore Aura is the highest quality paint line from the brand, offering exceptional coverage, strong colors, high durability, color-locking technology, and more. However, the Aura paint line is far more expensive. As a result, Benjamin Moore Regal can be a solid alternative for budget-conscious shoppers, especially since it performs reasonably well in many areas that matter most.

Did you find out everything you wanted to learn about Benjamin Moore Aura vs. Regal paint? If so, tell us in the comments section below. Also, if you know someone trying to select the right Benjamin Moore paint for their project, please share the article.