Can You Return Paint to Home Depot, Lowe’s, Walmart?

Many people wonder, “Can you return paint to Home Depot, Lowe’s, or Walmart?” In some cases, they want to return because the paint isn’t exactly what they wanted. At times, it’s because they no longer wish to move forward with a project.

You can return paint to Home Depot, Lowe’s, and Walmart, but only under specific circumstances. The kind of paint product can play a role, as well as how long it’s been since purchase. Additionally, each company has a unique return policy on paint, so the rules differ between retailers.

If you’ve been trying to figure out if you can return paint to Home Depot, Lowe’s, or Walmart, here’s what you need to know.

Can You Return Paint to Home Depot?

Can You Return Paint to Home Depot

Can You Return Unused and Unopened Paint to Home Depot?

You can return unused, unopened paint to Home Depot. This includes un-tinted, unmixed products only, as anything that’s tinted or mixed in the store before completing the purchase is considered opened merchandise.

However, the return has to occur within 30 days of the purchase. It’s also important to note that you need a receipt if you’re going to return paint to Home Depot. Printed paper receipts are allowed, as well as e-receipts from online purchases.

Can You Return Mixed Paint to Home Depot?

Returning mixed paint to Home Depot is an option if it’s within 30 days, but it only works in a particular way. In this situation, you’ll actually be using the company’s Paint Satisfaction Guarantee Policy, which doesn’t work as a traditional return.

The Paint Satisfaction Guarantee Policy allows you to get a color correction free of charge if the initial mix wasn’t right. If it can’t be corrected, you can receive a comparable can of paint that is the correct shade.

The only exception here is if the issue is clearly the fault of Home Depot and not the shopper, but this can be difficult to prove.

Can You Return Spray Paint to Home Depot?

Yes, you can return spray paint to Home Depot as long as it’s unopened and unused within 30 days of purchase and you have a receipt. If those conditions don’t apply, then returning the paint usually isn’t an option.

Used spray paint can’t be resold, so you probably won’t get a refund unless the product is clearly defective. Since the colors are standardized, requesting an exchange for a color-related issue typically won’t work either.

Can You Exchange Paint at Home Depot?

Whether you can exchange paint at Home Depot depends on the product involved, whether it’s open, how long has passed since the initial purchase and the reason for the exchange. Some exchanges are allowed if you’re within 30 days and have the original receipt. Unopened, unmixed paint is easily exchanged during that 30-day window. Additionally, if the color of a mixed paint isn’t quite right, you can come in for a free color correction or exchange it for a comparable product if Home Depot is responsible for the color issue.

However, if you don’t have a receipt, even an unopened product exchanged might not be allowed. Additionally, if the reason for the return is simply disliking the color even though it was mixed correctly, an exchange might not be an option.

Home Depot Paint Return Policy

The Home Depot paint return policy focuses on its Paint Satisfaction Guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied with the paint you buy, you can bring it back within 30 days. If it’s a mixed paint, Home Depot will correct the color or give you a comparable product if the color isn’t correctable. For unopened, un-tinted paints, a return or exchange is allowed during that time frame.

There are some exceptions. For example, if you’re dissatisfied with the color but didn’t properly prepare the surface before painting, returning the paint isn’t an option. Liquid stains, color samples, “oops” paints, and special-order products are also excluded.

How to Return Paint to Home Depot

1. Gather Up the Paint and Receipt

If you need to return paint to Home Depot, the first step is to get the paint and the receipt associated with the purchase. That way, you can show that you’re within the approved return window.

2. Head to Customer Service

Returns are typically handled at the Home Depot customer service desk, so you’ll want to head there to handle the transaction. Typically, the customer service desk is near one of the main entrances/exits. If you approach the door and don’t see it, speak with an employee to find out where you need to go.

3. Outline Your Request

Once you get to customer service, you’ll need to let the employee know what you’re requesting. If the product is unopened, you can state whether you’re looking for a refund or exchange. If it’s open and protected by the Paint Satisfaction Guarantee, let them know about the color issue you’re experiencing. That way, they can connect with the paint department to determine which option is best.

If you were dealing with unopened merchandise and wanted a refund, this may be everything you need to do. If you’re after a color correction or exchange, move on to the next step.

4. Handle the Color Correction or Exchange

If you need a color correction or perform an exchange, your next step is to head to the paint department. An employee there can adjust the color if that’s what you need or make a new mix if that isn’t possible.

For an exchange, you’ll find the product you want and bring it back to customer service. They’ll finalize the rest of the transaction, allowing you to be on your way.

Can You Return Stain to Home Depot?

Whether you can return stain depends on whether the product is open. If it’s unopened and you have the receipt, returns and exchanges are allowed.

However, if the stain is open, you can’t return it to Home Depot. Those products are excluded from the Paint Satisfaction Guarantee policy, so refunds and exchanges aren’t an option.

Can You Return Paint to Lowe’s?

Can You Return Paint to Lowes

Can You Return Unopened Paint to Lowe’s?

Yes, you can return unopened paint to Lowe’s without much issue as long as you’re within 30 days of the date of purchase and bring a receipt. Both paper and e-receipts are allowed, giving you some flexibility if you originally made the purchase online.

It is important to note that the product needs to be in “like-new” condition. If the product is damaged in any way, even if it is technically unopened, it may not be eligible for a return.

Can You Return Mixed Paint to Lowe’s?

Mixed paint is returnable at Lowe’s. If you aren’t completely satisfied with your paint, you can bring it back and exchange it for a comparable product in most cases. The only exceptions are:

  • Sample sizes.
  • Nonstock products.
  • Paints purchased from the mis-tinted items section.
  • Returns relating to application errors or surface preparation issues.

Qualifying for the exchange is easy. You’ll need a receipt showing that you’re within 30 days of the purchase date. Additionally, the remaining paint has to be in the original container.

Lowe’s Paint Exchange Policy

Lowe’s paint exchange policy is mainly covered in Lowe’s Paint Guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied with any interior or exterior paint, you can bring it back in the original container and request an exchange.

You do have to handle the exchange within 30 days of the initial purchase, and you’ll need to bring a receipt, either paper or electronic. With that, you can receive a comparable can of paint in exchange for the original one.

The paint exchange policy also applies to stains and resurfacers. However, samples, non-stock items, and mis-tint products aren’t eligible. Additionally, returns relating to application errors or surface preparation issues aren’t allowed.

Lowe’s Return Policy on Paint

While most items at Lowe’s can be returned within 90 days of purchase if they are unopened (or in original condition) and resalable, and you also have a receipt, liquid paint is different. According to the Lowe’s return policy, you only have 30 days to return paint, even if it’s unopened and unused.

Lowe’s Paint Match Guarantee

Lowe’s offers a generous paint color guarantee. If you don’t love the color, you can bring in the original container within 30 days of the paint purchase and ask for an exchange. The only exceptions are for purchased mis-tints, color samples, and nonstock products.

Lowes Spray Paint Return Policy

Spray paint isn’t eligible for the traditional paint guarantee since it isn’t considered interior or exterior paint in the product sense. However, you can return it if it’s unopened, resalable, and within 30 days of the original purchase. You’ll just need to bring the receipt with you to make the return.

How to Return Paint to Lowe’s

1. Pack Up Your Paint

Before you head to Lowe’s, you need to pack up the paint. Make sure you have the original container. Otherwise, you won’t be able to return it.

2. Find the Receipt

Having a receipt is a big part of the equation when you’re doing a return. Find either the paper receipt or e-receipt, depending on how you made the purchase, before heading to the store.

In some cases, other types of proof of purchase will also work. If you made the purchase and used your MyLowes loyalty card, that can be a substitute for an actual receipt. Similarly, if you used your Lowe’s credit card, they might be able to look up the transaction.

3. Speak with Customer Service

With your paint and receipt in hand, head to the Lowe’s customer service desk. It’s usually located near the front of the store near one of the entrances.

Once you arrive, speak with the employee and let them know you’re returning some paint. Give them the container and the receipt, allowing them to initiate the refund or arrange for the exchange.

4. Get Your New Paint

While you won’t need to tackle this step if you received a refund, you’ll need to get new paint if you’re performing an exchange. Head to the paint department to get the can of fresh paint and, if necessary, have it tinted or mixed. Then, go back to customer service to finish the process.

Can You Return Paint to Walmart?

Can You Return Paint to Walmart

Yes, you can return paint to Walmart. Walmart allows paint returns of up to 90 days after the original purchase date, even if you’ve opened the container.

The return policy is also incredibly broad when it comes to the paint products. Whether the paint is an off-the-shelf color or custom mixed, it’s potentially returnable.

While having a receipt speeds up the process, you may be able to do a return without one in some situations. Walmart lets customers perform a limited number of receipt-less returns each year. If you have a photo ID and haven’t exceeded your allowed returns, having a receipt may be unnecessary.

Can You Return Spray Paint to Walmart?

Yes, you can return spray paint to Walmart. The same rules apply to spray paint and other paint cans. As long as it’s within 90 days, you can return the paint for a refund or exchange.

While it’s faster with a receipt, having one isn’t a necessity. If you haven’t exceeded your receipt-less returns for the year, you can move forward without one.

Walmart Paint Return Policy

Walmart doesn’t have a separate return policy. Instead, the standard policy applies. That means you can do a return as long as it’s within 90 days of the original purchase date.

How to Return Paint to Walmart

1. Get the Paint and Your Receipt

Before making the trip to Walmart, gather up the paint you want to return. Then, track down your receipt. If you used Walmart Pay or completed the purchase through the Walmart app or website, you can usually find a copy of the receipt in our order history. Otherwise, locate the paper receipt, or you’ll need to use one of your annual receipt-less returns.

For purchases made with a credit or debit card, it’s helpful to have that original card with you when you make the return, especially if you want a refund. However, it isn’t always a necessity.

2. Go to Customer Service

Once you arrive at Walmart, don’t enter the main store. Instead, head to the customer service desk. It’s usually located between two main entrances (not including the Garden Center one) along the front wall.

3. Speak with an Employee

Once you get to customer service, speak with an employee. Let them know that you’re returning paint and provide them with a copy of your receipt.

If you’re getting a refund, the employee can usually wrap things up quickly. If you’re doing an exchange, continue to the next step.

4. Find Your New Paint

After speaking with customer service, you’ll head to the paint department to get your new product. Either grab what you need from the shelf or chat with the paint department employee to get paint mixed or tinted before heading back to customer service to finish the exchange.


If you were trying to figure out, “Can you return paint to Home Depot, Lowe’s, or Walmart?” the answer is “yes” in many cases. However, there are some exceptions, and you do have to be within the return time window. Otherwise, returns aren’t always an option.

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