Red Brick And Siding Color Combinations

Brick homes are gorgeous all by themselves, but there are times when a homeowner might want to add the siding. Do you want to give your home a little extra ‘pop’? Maybe you’ve grown tired of the same look. Do you need some extra insulation? Whatever the reason, red brick and siding color combinations can be hit or miss. So I’m writing this article to show you how to coordinate your siding to your own brick home.

25 Ideas of Red Brick And Siding Color Combinations

1. A Sage Choice

Red Brick And Siding Color Combinations

When deciding what color siding goes with red brick, the trick is to look at the shading and your taste. If you’re not going for the flashy Malibu beach house style, try a more understated hue. This house is giving off major sophisticated vibes with its sage green siding hugging its worn brick chimney. The choice of matching brick-red shingles pulls everything together.

2. Choose Two

siding colors with red brick

If you’re going for a more modern, clean appearance, give subdued coral a chance. This works especially well with brighter shades of red brick and pairs well with white accents. Use some white siding to cap the whole look and give the coral siding a border. It’ll help draw out the duller pink color, preventing the house from looking too dark.

3. A Sage Darker

how to choose roof color for brick house

The darker you go with your siding, the more serious and imposing your brick house is going to look. This darker sage siding is reminiscent of mossy forests crowded with towering oak trees. This shade would pair well with a wooded backdrop to give your home the feeling of isolated cabin living—even if you live in a cul de sac. White trim usually softens a dark color, but not in this case. It’s powerless to lessen the atmosphere of cool forests at dusk.

4. Warm Sienna

coordinating brick and siding colors

The style of your home also plays a part in what sort of siding you choose to complement the brick. In this case, the home has a sort of Dutch cottage feel. Pastel peach siding paired with dark red brick and near-black trim gives it more warmth than imposition. This is because there’s an elegant, off-center movement to the porch overhang. The recessed entryway generates a more fairytale-like vibe. So the darker colors accenting the lighter peach give the house an overall nostalgic feeling.

5. Two In One

paint colors to match brick

To give your home a distinct border, try siding the second story and leaving the brick of the first exposed. This is great for creating separation and can be excellent for duplexes. This homeowner built an addition to their property, so they went with a light gray color for the siding. It makes it stand out from the rest of the house while bringing out the rustic beauty of the brick on the first floor.

6. Colonial Prestige

popular brick colors

This house is the perfect example of how the right siding can enhance your home. Without the gray-brown siding, this brick home would look naked. It would lose most of what makes it so impressive. The white columns surrounding the half-wrapped porch that ties in with the white four seasons room wouldn’t stand out as much. In this case, it’s the neutral coloring of the siding that both modernize the home and retain its days-of-old splendor.

7. Heart Of The Home

brick house with siding

Brick is beautiful, but accents and contrasts often bring out the beauty of brick. If you don’t want to overstate the accents, maintain the color scheme with a shade of siding close to the brick. The change in texture will draw visitors’ eye, making the area the subtle focal point of your home. In this case, the homeowners chose a fawn brown for their entry way. They’re showcasing this portion of their house as the heart.

8. A Dash Of Blue

A Dash Of Blue

Want to add layers and character to your home? This homeowner chose to highlight their roof’s many peaks with a light blue siding. Doing this gives their home more dimension and draws the eye of passersby toward the top of the home. The stark contrast between the blue siding and the red brick complements one another instead of clashing. If this house didn’t have the siding, it would look rather bland and boring, despite the building style.

9. Look At My Window!

graystone roofing and siding

In this case, the lighter siding not only brightens up the home but also helps to frame the best window in the house. If you have an extravagant window in a dormer, consider using siding to bring attention to it. The homeowner here maintained stylistic flow by also installing siding on the nearby wall. This is an excellent idea if you have a bay window, bow window, or stained glass to want to display.

10. Black Chic

brick color options

If you’ve got a few black bricks speckling your red brick home, then black siding is the way to go. The homeowner chooses to let the natural brick be the accent rather than the siding, and it’s positively elegant. The sparse white of the window sashes and fascia brighten it up just enough to keep it from looking gloomy. To finish it off, they tie it all together with a roof of solid black shingles.

11. Like A Gift Box

gray siding with red brick

Sometimes when you look at a home, it reminds you of a dollhouse or a creepy haunted mansion. This one reminds me of a gift box, the pale gray siding snug around its perfect square body like wrapping paper. The homeowner left a strip of brick open on the first floor while painting the basement level and porch the same color as the siding. The brick is essentially the ribbon and it’s so creative!

12. Just Beachy

dark red brick house

The color scheme for this mansion takes me to a sandy South Carolina beach. It just goes to show how important color choice is for your brick home. These light bricks look even more sun-washed alongside the light tan hue of the siding. If the homeowner had gone with white, there would have been too much contrast. The tan complements the brick and makes the white sashes of the windows pop.

13. Tiramisu

compliment to brick red

This home does something much different with its siding choice. The only exposed brick is at the basement level, which almost erases it from the first glance. But then they layer the gray-brown first floor siding with the tan second floor siding. The first thing I thought of when I saw it was the delicious dessert: Tiramisu. The color choice for the siding on this brick house did a lot to enhance its overall feel. It would lose a lot of its charm if it was plain brick.

14. Lighten Up!

blue siding with brick

This house’s main appeal is its enormous windows and the owner knows how to bring our attention to them. The pale yellow siding of the first floor is a great way to cheer up any home. The particular shade works well with the light red brick and thick, white mortar of the ground floor. It’s like a bit of sunshine nestled in the middle of a neighborhood.

15. Be Bold

how to choose roof color for red brick house

Not many homeowners opt for primary colors, preferring something more subdued or expected. But this homeowner proves that a matte red siding can work. The choice in trim and roofing materials is what saves the day with this bold choice. From a distance, you might think it’s one of those classic red barns. Up close, it’s a modest, sleek farmhouse. Leaving only the brick chimneys uncovered was artistic liberty, which does the whole house favors.

16. Red, White, & Brick

brick and siding color combinations

Maybe the particular shade of red brick is difficult to match. It’s not quite dark enough to complement deeper siding shades, but not light enough that white does it justice. In most cases, using two different kinds of siding seems to work. This homeowner chose a primary red for over the garage and white for the dormer just behind it. The contrasting colors create extremes that allow the shade of the brick to fall somewhere in the middle.

17. Try Tri-Tone

what color siding goes with red brick

I wish you didn’t have to choose just two colors for your siding? Well, you’re the homeowner! Why not try three? This home, in particular, shows off stunning results with its deep red, tan, and dark brown siding. They install the siding on the dormers, leaving the house below completely open. The exposed brick of this house calms the eye after passersby are drawn first to the red, then to the other dormers.

18. Brick Oasis

best roof color for orange brick house

Blue is such a calming color. (Aside from neon, I suppose.) This homeowner chose to install blue siding to their brick home that almost matches their pool. For homes with medium to darker red bricks, this shade of blue is a soothing color. It’s perfect for creating a relaxing atmosphere, so this is the choice to do a lot of meditation by the poolside.

19. Washed Out

paint colors that go with red brick

White siding tends to glare when it’s used too much, but it also gives off a clean vibe. On this home, the mortar between the red bricks is bright white, as well. This creates the illusion that the top of the house is trickling between the bricks. It’s an interesting effect, but I’m glad they chose a soft gray for the roof. The darker red of the bricks is what makes all this white work out well.

20. Upstanding Siding

house with brick and siding

The bricks of this home are a bit old, crumbling a bit, and the mortar’s not quite what it used to be. And that’s what makes this siding choice great! The homeowner chose a neutral black color for the siding, which adds to the classic feel. Installing it vertically and adding the ‘barn door’ X added so much character to the structure. It reminds me of an old western business.

21. Shake It Up

red brick house with gray siding

The brick of this house, along with the building style, is elegant. But the homeowners knew what they were doing when they decided to install the siding. The gray shake siding helps to push the formidable entryway to the forefront. It maintains its style in the process, careful not to disrupt the symmetry of the house.

22. Cool As A Cucumber

siding colors with brick

Green can be hard to pull off with red brick, but these homeowners managed it. It’s all in the shade of green. You need to match the intensity of the red brick if you want a sophisticated look. This house has dark red bricks with the occasional black brick sprinkled in, so they chose a darker green for their second-story siding. To keep it from looking too gloomy, they used white for all the trim.

23. How Do You Do?

red brick houses with siding

What is it about pastels that make us think of well-to-do families of old? Or dollhouses, I suppose. But if you have some faded red bricks on your home that are maybe even going a little pink, try this. White siding will brighten it up even more, making the washed-out color look purposeful. There’s just something about white on pink or salmon that looks fresh, clean, and…maybe even rich?

24. The Darker The Brick

what color siding with red brick

The darker the brick, the darker the siding. If you want to keep it less modern and more classical, that’s the rule. This house has some medium to dark red brick and it’s uniform all the way through. No white or black bricks to break it up at all. So when the homeowner chose a solid, deep green for the siding, it fit like a glove. I especially like the stained cedar shake tucked under the eave. It’s a nice detail and brings something extra to the style.

25. In Twos

house with siding and brick

The choice to use tan alongside light gray was a great idea, but I’m floored by their use of texture. They’ve broken up the long, somewhat flat face of the house with alternation colors and textures. It tricks the eye into thinking there’s more dimension to it. They decided to install siding to the garage as well, maintaining flow. The exposed brick of their entryway sets their porch apart from the rest of the house. It creates a cozy, subdued pocket in an otherwise lively home.


Did you enjoy this list? I loved writing about all the different ways siding can be used to enhance a brick home. Brick is gorgeous all by itself, but sometimes it needs a little garnishing. What did you think of some of these houses? Do you have any favorites from this list? Let me know in the comments! And be sure to share this list with others if you enjoyed it!